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4 Reasons to Choose Truck Stripe Kits Over a Paint Job

Truck Stripes Peterbilt


Forget about paint jobs. Truck stripe kits leave the same effect as new paint and can give your trusty big rig a new look – for a cheaper price.

You might want to give your truck a personal touch, and stripe kits offer so many options that you can’t go wrong.

Paint jobs might be in demand, but here are 4 reasons to go with truck stripe kits:

1.   Customization options

Custom Racing Stripes Big Rig

Truck stripe kits come with dozens of customization options. It’s unlikely that you’ll see another big rig with stripes having design and colour identical to yours. And when you do see another driver on the opposite lane with similar customization, both of you can share a moment of camaraderie by nodding at each other.

Choose from many different stripe styles and colours[a]. With about hundreds of colour choices, you’re guaranteed to find a stripe colour[b] that complements the body paint on your truck.

To make it even more personal, have your own custom stripe kit made especially to suit your truck.

2.   It’s cheaper and faster than a paint job

professional paint job can cost you $3000 or more. If you want showroom-quality results, the costs can be up to $20,000.

High-quality truck stripe kits like 3M’s can cover the cab, sleeper, and the back for about $1,000.

Vinyl stripes come in different qualities. A high-quality vinyl stripe never damages the paint, looks great, and is as durable as the truck itself.

3.   Less downtime

Order Peterbilt Stripe Kits Online

Truck stripes can be installed within 2 or 3 days – far less than the wait for a paint job. Truck stripes require minimal prepping and priming. A paint job requires several coats and extra drying time. All this adds up and you might not see your truck for a week.

Our professionals apply stripes so precisely that you won’t find a sloppy edge, even with a microscope.

4.   Truck stripes are removable

It’s their biggest selling point. Unlike a paint job, you don’t have to commit to a design. You can try a new look for your big rig every year.

You don’t have to worry about the paint coming off, or the vinyl leaving marks on your truck. If they’re removed professionally, nobody will be able to tell the stripes were there in the first place.

The vinyl stripes also protect the painted surface. They can keep the paint looking fresh. When it’s time to sell your truck, just strip away the stripes to reveal the elegant paint job underneath.


Truck stripe kits offer a lot of customization options and look just as great as a regular paint job, at a fraction of the cost. And when it’s time for a new look, just swap your old stripes with new ones with a different design and colour. Some stripe designs are wide enough to cover and protect areas where accidental scratches are most likely (but it’s no reason for you to be less careless while making a right turn on that tight corner). Browse our range of truck stripe kits for a makeover of your big rig.



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