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Installation Guide

  • Truck must be washed with soap and water and all wax must be removed from area that stripes are to be applied.
  • Wipe off area with 99% isopropyl alcohol then follow with clean, dry lint free cloth.
  • Reference line for stripe measurements on the Hood is the body seem with rivets, Bottom the Cab and Sleeper for everything else.

Basic Installation

Using Masking tape roughly place your stripe into place making sure you have excess material on both ends. Using a measuring tape measure from the reference line to either the top or bottom of your stripe and place in the desired location. Check the measurements in multiple location on the stripe to ensure that the stripe in level and in the correct position. Once you've placed the stripe in the final location run masking tape along the complete top or bottom of your stripe securing it to the body, this will act as a “hinge” and make installation much easier. Fold the stripe (up or Down) along the hinge and remove the backing paper. Fold the stripe back  on to the truck.


Best technique for apply the stripe to the truck. Using a squeegee start at the top center of the stripe, from that point squeegee 1” at a time working your way out to both sides, making sure to angle your squeegee 30 degrees and overlap the previously squeegeed section. Once the the entire stripe has been squeegeed you can remove the premask top layer. Look for any bubbles or areas you might of missed. Most bubbles can be simple pushed out with your fingers, If you are having issues removing a bubble you may need to use a needle and poke a small hole in the bubble to help remove the air. Once all bubbles are removed using a sharp knife trim the edges as needed.



  • Wrinkles. If you get a wrinkle in the vinyl you may need to pull the vinyl back off the truck to the location of the wrinkle. Heat with a heat gun or hair dryer, with the proper heat 3M vinyl will return to it original shape and the wrinkle with disappear. Let the vinyl cool and re-apply.
  • Rivets. Easiest way to wrap around a rivet is to leave a small pocket around each rivet, once the vinyl has trapped the air around the rivet use a needle to poke a few small holes around the area. Using a heat gun apply heat and use your fingers to push the air out around the rivet, using your squeegee or finger nails to seal the vinyl around the edge of the rivet.
  • Trimming. Always make sure your blade is sharp! A Small Olfa or Exacto knife works best. Make sure you vinyl is tucked in tightly into the area before you trim. Avoid trimming on paint whenever possible.
  • Finishing. To ensure that the vinyl does not lift it is best to go over the stripe with a heat gun after everything has been installed. This will help expose any areas you migth have missed when squeegeeing it also help the vinyl adhere better. Pay attention to the edges and places where you've trimmed around, also going over the rivets a 2nd time is also a good idea.